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Tripadvisor Restaurants

TripAdvisor co-op

July 2019 - Dec 2019

Six months


I worked as a UX design co-op at Tripadvisor, Needham, MA with their Restaurants team. I worked on diverse projects in a short span of six months with a primary focus on consumer-facing web and mobile apps across iOS and Android platforms.

As part of my responsibilities, I – 

  1. Assisted the lead designer in the B2C team in day to day design tickets, maintain and update the UI and design system library.

  2. Independently led the design efforts on the two broad themes:

    • How might we improve the overall restaurant reservation experience for the end-users?

    • How might we reorganize the relevant information about restaurants without overwhelming the end-users? 

  3. Defined the design opportunity space using competitor design benchmarking and secondary research.

  4. Designed quick paper- and high-fidelity prototypes and conducted ideation workshops with program managers and engineering teams.

  5. Collaborated with UX researchers to conduct usability tests on Usability hub and User Findings eventually helped in improving and assessing design ideas.

  6. Pitched new design concepts to the product leadership team.

  7. Wrote detailed design specs for engineering teams.

  8. Helped set up a bi-weekly creative share session to involve the engineering team in the design process.

  9. Participated and was one of six finalists team in the annual intern hackathon.


Italian cooking class with my super talented restaurant design team. (L-R Emily Boyd, Me, Emilea Avery, Yi Liu, Emily Geller, Jasmine Kim, Jon Lopkin )


Visit to the iconic Fenway park, home to the Red Sox baseball team. This was one of the many fun intern outings. 


That's Moony. I practically saw him grow from a small pup during my time. He made for pawsome breaks.


Last day at Trip!

Side Projects

I got the opportunity to work on fun side projects like designing the Retaurant team's swag and some 'restaurant themed' posters to spice up the design studio. Here are the hand-drawn illustrations for the team hoodie which was distributed with the restaurant team all across the world including Ottawa and Barcelona.


Flaunting some Trip swag.


Restaurant themed posters for our studio space. 


Six months at Tripadvisor went by very really quickly and were filled with a lot of new learnings. I got a chance to work with warm and talented colleagues. I worked on some very impactful ideas and saw some of my designs make into the live app. I made new friends, had amazing lunch sessions, and got to meet awesome Trip dogs.


As I'm writing this, it's May 2020, and Trip has been badly impacted by the COVID pandemic and its impact on the travel industry. My time at Trip is truly special as it was my job in a foreign country as an international student. I hope and pray Trip emerges stronger on the other side of this pandemic. Sending love.

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