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Hello! I am Arushi.


I am an information and UX designer based in Boston, MA. I'm currently solving hard problems in the Healthcare + AI space and building AI-powered tools for pathologists at PathAI. I design intuitive solutions for complex problems to meet both long-term user and business goals.

I have 5+ years of work experience as a UX designer/researcher and information designer at Tripadvisor, Needham, Microsoft India and Samsung India, and various research labs at Northeastern University.


My roles have constantly shuffled between a strategic designer, interaction-designer, graphic designer, information designer, user researcher, and design mentor.

I am an avid design blogger and regularly write about design and research here.


Volunteered for AIGA Boston to mentor two young and emerging designers in their professional goals (Summer 2021).

Mentored two student interns
for their two month summer
internship at Microsoft, India (2016-17).

Mentored several
undergraduate student teams
in prestigious Microsoft
competitions including
Code.Fun.Do, Codess (Women
in Tech) and Microsoft Imagine
Cup, India Chapter. (2016-17).


“A dancer’s trace: Visualizing
movement in the Indian
Classical Dance of Kathak,

Outlier, DataViz Society, 2021
“Storytelling Using Data
Visualization”, MMX Day of
Learning Microsoft, India, 2021

“How to be a design
chameleon”, Ladies that UX,
Boston, 2019

Places I've called home 

I am a single child to a very creative, extroverted sportsperson mom and a serious, introverted Air Traffic Controller dad. They both are living a quiet and peaceful life in the city of Vadodara in western India. I have always been pushed to be the best version of myself in whatever choose to do. I started my education as an electronics engineering (like many other middle class Indian children) but quickly realized my passion for design and went on to formally study and work as a designer. I have moved around India either because of my father's postings, study or work. My travels have made me appreciate diversity and stay curious  – an individual who loves to learn more about the place I live in. 

I'm currently based in Jamaica Plain, Boston with my husband and am loving the seasons, culture and colors of New England. I am yet to explore the vast North American lands and I look forward to doing that in the future.


Outside of work

I can dance for hours. I am that stranger who will ask you if I can pet your dog. Back in India, I would bring home many stray pups and feed the dogs. My first pet was a Labrador Retriever named Ruby that I was gifted for puppy sitting when she was born. It's an interesting story I can talk so much about! I'm always up for a game of ball. On rainy days, I prefer ginger chai with Samosa. Actually, I don't need rains to gulp down some chai. I love to nap. Napping gives me new ideas when I feel stuck! 

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