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Hello! I am Arushi.

I am an information and UX designer based in Boston, MA. I am in my final year of MFA in Information design and visualisation at Northeastern University. I will be looking for full time UX Design roles starting Sep 2020.


I am currently working as a researcher and information designer with Prof. Kristian Klockel in an NSF funded project on the future of human-robot collaboration in Industry 4.0.  


Most recently I worked as a UX design co-op at Tripadvisor, Needham.


At northeastern, I have worked as a research assistant and graphic designer for the Wellness Technology Lab at Northeastern University.


I have 3+ years of work experience as a UX designer/researcher at Microsoft R&D India, Samsung R&D India, and HCI+UE lab (IIT Guwahati). My roles have constantly shuffled between an interaction-designer, graphic designer, information designer, user researcher, and design mentor.


You can download my most up-to-date CV here. I am also an avid design blogger on medium



Reach out to me over mail to discuss more about my work, collaborate, or chat about design over chai. 

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