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Business Communication on Mobile

UX Researcher

July 2015 - August 2016

One year

Design brief


 Microsoft Kaizala is a phone-number based, simple, and secure mobile chat app that enables you to connect and coordinate work across your network – your organization, vendors, partners, suppliers, and customers.


I was involved with this product at its very nascent stages leading to the first release of the first version of the product on app store. I was responsible for early-stage market/user research, competitor benchmarking, feature analysis, and usability testing. I would work closely with the design and product management teams to churn out quick prototypes for testing. I also regularly presented my findings and insights to the leadership team to provide product directions. 


This was an interesting product to work on as it has grown into one of the most talked about products being developed and shipped from the Microsoft India team. You can read more about Kaizala on Microsoft Garage , Kaizala's website and Playstore.


Raghav runs a plumbing agency whenever he gets a job request he shares it with his five plumbers on Kaizala. Whoever is close to the assigned job, takes it up.


After completing the job they share the photo of the repair along with the location. This helps Raghav to keep a check on all the performance of his plumbers while maintaining transparency while being in the office.


The plumbers find it easy to report by uploading photos without having to type on Kaizala.


Here are the steps Raghav's plumbers follow on the app.

1. Raghav creates a new plumbing task for his team.


2. The plumber nearest to the location accepts the task


3. He goes to the location and completes the repair.


4. He takes uploads a 'photo-with-location' so that his boss can see that he has completed the task and if he used any new parts for the repair which needs to be charged by the customer.

scenarios Mobile only-07.jpg
scenarios Mobile only-09.jpg
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scenarios Mobile only-10.jpg



A rather unexpected and exciting experience was getting to present my work on consumer engagement to Satya during his visit to the Microsoft, Hyderabad Campus :-)



Design responsibilities:

User research, Mobile interaction design

Tools/methods used:

Inperson Interviews, Group Discussions, Guerrilla Research, Usability Testing, User Persona, Scenarios, User Insights, Design directions, Product features

This is only a high-level overview. Specific details cannot be shared due to NDA. 


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