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Gamifying Personal Health 

Research Assistant

August 2018

One month

Design brief


This is a part of my work as a UX designer for the Wellness Technology Lab at Northeastern University, Boston. I worked with PhD student Elizabeth Stowell and Prof. Andrea Parker to develop experiences for the health app aimed at promoting physical activity. This work also involved designing graphical assets for Android in addition to interaction design, interaction-flows, and architecture. The resulting app uses gamification, where users grow flowers in a virtual garden when they exercise in the real-world. The final design (as of July 2018) is presented below:

[Left] Dashboard screen where the user can see the growth of their flowers. [Right] Plants grow as the user meets their fitness goals.

Process​ and Iterations

I first evaluated the basic mockup built by the research team followed by detailed user’s flow diagram based on the scenarios given to me (which were derived from the user research done by the PhD students).

User Flow Diagram

The overall longitudinal scenario conceived for the app was:


Day 0:


  1. User login

  2. First run experience (instructional)

  3. User selects the flower to plant

  4. User sets up a profile(optional)

  5. Dashboard is activated


Day N:

  1. View dashboard

  2. Hamburger menu to access -

    • User Profile

    • Performance Metrics - Fitness stats, data logs, fitness routines, tutorials

    • My garden

    • Community Garden

    • Activity Feed

    • Shop-seeds/pots


Day of Bloom:

User can now plant the flower in their garden


Once the scenarios were well defined (that followed health behavior models), I designed the detailed user-interfaces incorporating the behavior change strategies prescribed by the research team and their collaborators. The final design includes the stages of growth for 10 types of different flowers in the app, which grow based on the sensor readings from FitBit devices. Also included are different designs for pots which can be customized by the user.

Finally, I created visual assets for 10 flowering plants (each with 7 stages of growth), and 10 different pot designs for users to choose from. All the assets were designed to be adaptable to different Android phone resolutions.

Assets for ten unique flowers with seven growth stages. The pots were also made unique so that the user can unlock new pots each time


Design responsibilities:

Interaction design, user experience design, information architecture, graphic design and illustrations​​

Tools used:

Sketch, Adobe illustrator, Wacom tablet