Visual Models of Design Theory

Student work

Jan-Apr 2019

Four months

Design brief


What are the origins of design theory? How will you define design? and many more such questions were answered as part of the design theory and critical thinking class taught by Prof. Hugh Dubberly. Every week, in the Spring'19 semester, we created visual models for readings on design theory.

Finally, we had to create a poster that summarised and synthesized an aspect of design theory that caught our attention. I visualized how storytelling is an important aspect of design communication. Find the final poster below where I draw comparisons in the framework of a story with that of design (as a process and product).

Further reading

Prof. Dubberly is an institute in himself. Read more about out his work here.

Design responsibilities:

Illustrations, Infographics, Mental models


Tools used:

Adobe Illustrator, Spell check thanks to MS Word ;-)​ |

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