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Design Principles workshop

Product Designer, User Researcher

Jan 2020 - August 2020

9 Months

Design brief


When I joined PathAI, the design team was using a design system that was created before all our times. We often ran into issues like redundant colors, or weird modals and did not clearly know why things were the way they were. Our current design director came up with a plan to revamp the design system as Anodyne 2.0 by fixing some existing issues and coming up with clear component and usage guidelines.

Since we were a small team of 


The problem – 

How might we improve the information hierarchy and layout of the Annotator dashboard to improve engagement.

Frame 201.png
Frame 202.png
Frame 203.png
Frame 204.png
Frame 205.png
Frame 206.png
Frame 207.png

Available Tasks on dashboard - card and list view


This particular design exercise was broken into different independent tasks to ensure incremental progress. Here are some of m key learnings from this project –

  1. .


Design responsibilities:

System design, UI design, UX design, User research (Qualitative and quantitative)

Tools used:

Design: Figma

Research: Zoom, Dovetail, Airtable, G Forms

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