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Three Trips

Student work

September 2018

One week

Design brief


This was a class assignment in Information Design Studio class taken by Prof. Douglass Scott at Northeastern University, Boston, MA.


The task was to visualize three trips I have taken all originating from my home in Boston to -1) my university, 2) any location outside of Massachusetts in the US, and 3) to my home in my home country (India).


The challenge was to include at least ten information layers including the time, location, activities, mode of transport along with details such as consumptions, entertainment, and general experiential elements along the way. The final design is shown below:

Large Poster PSD Mockup.jpg

Process​ and Iterations

I first documented my trips through photographs. For the older trips hat I had already completed, I had to find old images I must have taken a while ago. I drew segments of my trips to identify the most suitable style of representing. I started with exploring various illustration and layout styles that will work well for all three, as shown below.


Linear design for the shortest trip from my Boston home to college 


[Left] Verticle exploration instead of horizontal like in the previous design. [Right] Vignette style of illustrations to show more disjointed events in my longest trip to India.

Next step was to try different layouts that would make the organizing principles. I ended up choosing a meandering layout to keep the three trips distinct and to give me enough space to illustrate.


Add image desc

Final design:

The outcome was a large poster 51inch x 24inch, as shown below.

3-Trips copy.jpg

Design responsibilities:

Illustrations, Infographics


Tools used:

Adobe Illustrator, Wacom Bamboo Tablet




Head to my Medium Blog post to read about the process in more detail.

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