Visualizing Racial Diversity 

Student work

Feb 2019

One week

Design brief


This was a class assignment in Information Design Studio II class taken by Prof. Pedro Cruz at Northeastern University, Boston, MA.


The task was to first visualize population distribution by Race/Ethnicity in America without using traditional charts and graphs. The dataset for 'Population Distribution by Race/Ethnicity' can be found here.


The first exploration was to see diversity as one of America's favorite candies, M&M. The colorful candies were apt to represent different races and the cultures they bring with them.


In the consequent explorations, I started playing around with the dataset. I observed that it is interesting to note the growth rates among various races. The growth of the Asian Population in America was a particularly interesting story to me. It was important for me to show what are these countries that comprise of this population. I wanted to show this vast diversity of people from the largest continent on the planet.


I used the metaphor of a dandilion and a tree to represent this culturally diverse makeup of the Asian population which makes the fastest growing race in America. 

Design responsibilities:

Visualizations, Data Wrangling in Excel, Infographics, 


Tools used:

MS Excel, Adobe Illustrator
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