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Visual Design Experiments

Self Initiated/Student work

I keep my creative juices churning by creating interesting things. Here are some samples of such creative sessions ~


2016 - Present


Illustration I create to represent my personality, colors, seasons and things I like. [2018]

cycle illustrations_1-01.png
cycle illustrations_1-01.png
cycle illustrations_1-01.png

Experiments with a fresh color palette and illustration style. [2020]


Genealogy Chart for the Kuru Clan on Mahabharata. The illustration style is inspired by Madhubani Folk Art for Bihar, India.[2018]

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 1.18.38 AM.png
Oct_talk nerdy.jpg

[Left] Madhubani Folk Art Greeting Card [Right] Calander illustration showing how a designer, developer, and program manager thinks [2016]

splitmonk identity-01.png

Product Identity for a money splitting app called Splitmonk [2017]


Brush pen lettering [2016]


Identity explorations for an automation company called Tyros. It incorporates the elements from the letters "T" and "Y". [2015]


Isometric illustrations [2017]

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